Kristina You is a designer based in New York, NY. Currently a master’s student at the ITP Program at NYU. Her practice focuses on print design, brand development, interaction design and UI/UX.

True Blue Love
Editorial, Book Design
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A project that encapsulates the love of the color blue and various meanings the color has taken on from the interpretations of different artists and creatives throughout history. Through examining an array of interpretations, the project aims to explore the ways in which individuals can view and feel something as simple as the color blue in dramatically different ways. 

Safe Space
UI/UX Design, UX Research
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Mental health is increasingly becoming an important topic of conversation, especially among younger generations. Studies show that many young people face barriers to finding mental health resources or appropriate treatment options. Safe Space proposes a approachable solution to this very issue.

Print Design
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A set of 12 designed postcards / detachable posters that tells the story of the city of Saint Louis and monumental events and structures that have impacted the history of the city

Minimum Clothing
Recycling Application
UI/UX, UX Research
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A UI/UX project focused on developing an application for users to find recycling options specifically for clothing/providing a custom box mailing service catered to individual clothing recycling needs.

Mario Badescu
Brand Identity
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a project aimed to recreate the brand identity for a skincare brand, Mario Badescu, that specializes in affordable at-home spa experiences as well as products made with natural ingredients to target specific skin concerns.

Last Updated:  March 19, 2023