Kristina You is a multidisciplinary designer based in New York, NY and a recent graduate from the ITP Program at NYU. Her practice focuses on UI/UX, interaction design, print design, and brand development.

True Blue Love
Editorial, Book Design
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A project that encapsulates the love of the color blue and various meanings the color has taken on from the interpretations of different artists and creatives throughout history. Through examining an array of interpretations, the project aims to explore the ways in which individuals can view and feel something as simple as the color blue in dramatically different ways.

Branding, Packaging Design
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A branding project for a skincare line that focuses on the needs of a customer in the age of a pandemic- Ti:Tri:Cera is a skincare line that is currently in development that emphasizes the effects of soothing and protecting the skin with natural ingredients like tea tree oil and ceramidin in order to combat the harsh effects that wearing a mask can cause on the skin. With this, a logo was designed for this line and alongside packaging and product design as well.

Print Design
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A set of 12 designed postcards / detachable posters that tells the story of the city of Saint Louis and monumental events and structures that have impacted the history of the city

Mario Badescu
Brand Identity
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a project aimed to recreate the brand identity for a skincare brand, Mario Badescu, that specializes in affordable at-home spa experiences as well as products made with natural ingredients to target specific skin concerns.

Everyone Poops
Riso printed zine, Experimental Publication

Everyone Poops is a riso printed, absurdist,  experimental publication that brings to light a study of common human behaviors that are meant to be done in private- crying, yawning, eating,cuddling, etc.

Finding Fulfillment as an Artist
Editorial, Book Design
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An editorial book design project based on an edited version of a live recorded episode of Here’s the Thing podcast where Patti Smith talks about her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe and both of their journeys in finding fulfillment as individuals and as artists.

Colour Magazine
Editorial Design
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A student run publication at Washington University in St. Louis focused on diversity, inclusion, and highlighting the works and thoughts of students of color. I contributed as the Senior Designer for its 9th issue and led the design team for the layout design and art direction.

Selling Memories
Experience Design
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A project aimed to capture the experience of shopping pieces at a vintage store (specifically Retro 101 in Saint Louis, Missouri) and the memories of the previous owner that accompanies those items when sold to the next owner.

Book of Chance
Conditional, Editorial Design
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A project using conditional design to design a book for Beyond the Interface -an article on the future of design. Each version of the book was produced by establishing a series of global and local variables that determine the final design decisions for the physical outcome. Through a random number generator, a variable was selected and implemented in the design of the book.

Last Updated:  April 9, 2023