Kristina You is a multidisciplinary designer based in New York, NY and a recent graduate from the ITP Program at NYU. Her practice focuses on UI/UX, interaction design, print design, and brand development.

︎︎︎CAD for Virtual & Reality  

Week 10 Assignment

For my final project, I would like to work on a re-imagined classic children’s toy. The first thought that I had was that I wanted to design a toy similar to that of a clown in a box. 

Inspiration ︎︎︎

I wanted to design something like this for my final project because I wanted a topic that I could explore some more of the methods that we learned that I was most interested in, which was sculpting and interactive/animated parts. 

In terms of visual inspiration, I would like to re-imagine this classic children’s toy in a hyper minimal design aesthetic. I am a big fan of Dieter Rams’ designs which are focused on being highly functional and minimal with very intuitive user interfaces. I would like to explore building a children’s toy in this style. 

Visual Inspiration ︎︎︎

Initial Sketch︎︎︎


Last Updated:  April 9, 2023