Kristina You is a multidisciplinary designer based in New York, NY and a recent graduate from the ITP Program at NYU. Her practice focuses on UI/UX, interaction design, print design, and brand development.

︎︎︎CAD for Virtual & Reality  

Week 5 Assignment

Part 1: Create an assembly. Have multiple parts and animate them.

Part 2: Run the Mechanical Expression simulator to get the path you desire. Develop a project idea for this motion. Record your values for AB, BC, CD, AD, BF, and FE. 

For my four bar linkage project, I was thinking about creating a chair that could be converted into a louge chair or a sitting chair depending on the angle that it is resting on. 

I was inspired by the Le Corbusier LC4 chair  that has a similar mechanism. 


Last Updated:  April 9, 2023