Kristina You is a multidisciplinary designer based in New York, NY and a recent graduate from the ITP Program at NYU. Her practice focuses on UI/UX, interaction design, print design, and brand development.

︎︎︎Physical Computation

Week 7 Labs + Project 2 - Part 1/2

Part 1:

1. Two-Way (Duplex) Serial Communication Using An Arduino and P5.js

Part 2:

Project 2 -

Come up with a device that allows a person to control media on a personal computer using communication between a microcontroller and the personal computer using asynchronous serial communication. Like the previous project, this shouldn’t be a highly polished device, but give it a housing of some sort.

For this project, I was initially paired in a group with Gabe who wanted to do a project that involved manipulating sound with a microcontroller and we both agreed that we also wanted a graphic output that would sync with the audio output as well. Some of the elements that we wanted to include in the project were:

  • Manual Input: Buttons, Knobs, Sliders, Pedals, etc
  • MIDI
  • Digital manipulation of sound 
  • Digital Grahpic Output/Manipulation (P5.js)

When we were first ideating and discussing, we talked about how this product could be used in live performances. I initially kind of imagined it being used like a DJ mixer machine that could be used to create graphics that corresponded to the sound that was being produced.

I created some initial mockups of how the interaction would look like and also sketches of what the physical model would look like.

I also created some simple 3D model sketches of the prototype as well using Adobe Dimension. Obviously the design is tentative and I am not sure if these exact components will be included in the project but it is an idea of how I imagine it to look like, which is a simplified version of a DJ mixer machine that would ultimately have audio and graphic output.

Instructions for Users:

Try interacting with the object in front of you in the most intuitive way possible and see what happens. Once you understand the function of each controller, try to create a sequence or see if you get a cool outcome from the combination of functions! 

Questions for Users:

  1. Is there any difficulty in initially interacting with the project?
  2. What can be improved about it? Is there an element missing or one that should be eliminated? Is there something that can be added to differentiate this project from other existing products?
  3. Does the design of the project clearly communication the function and purpose of it?
  4. Does the project’s outcome match what you expected it to produce? 
  5. Would more or less controllers(buttons, knobs, etc) help or distract from the project? 


Last Updated:  April 9, 2023